Quilting guilds and groups alike, meet to exchange information and ideas, educate their members and provide a place for people to enjoy the fellowship of other quilters. Today they must be progressive and open -this is very apparent within the Seaway Senior Citizens Club -they do more than just quilt. Within this group you will find a plethora of creative ideas and projects and a place to share your passion or an opportunity to teach or learn a new skill or technique.

Every Tuesday afternoon, these women meet and sew, while sharing common bonds -the love of cloth, needle, thread and companionship. The Nimble Thimbles (Seaway Senior Citizen's Club original group) was founded in 2001 and has produced a quilt each year for the past 10 years while other members create useful items which are donated to organizations within the community.

Each Christmas season a quilt is raffled off to help raise funds for the club. This year's winner was Russell Alguire. The quilt was pieced together by Kay Amell, Claudette Decoste, Norma O'Collin, Rosemary Lugg, Janette Lapoint, and Fran Axten.

Other members of the Nimble Thimbles such as Ronnie McCallum and Kathleen Leek spend much of their time on small independent projects which are later donated to other organizations in our community. Last year these two ladies created 10 washable, reusable quilted pads for the animals housed at the SPCA (and are making more) and approximately 50 lap quilts each year that go to St. Joseph's Villa for the residents.

Through art, love, friendship and philanthropy these women carry on an age-old tradition of sharing knowledge, skills, beauty and much needed gifts right here in our community.

The Seaway Senior Citizens Club is extending an invitation to the 50+ crowd in our community to visit these wonderfully diverse ladies every Tuesday between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. at the Centre -1010 Guy Street, Cornwall. Come in and share your favourite project or visit with the members and see what they are creating. Doors are open to novices, recognized experts and the curious -everyone is welcome. Call 613-932-4969 for more information.