Activities & Programs

At Seaway Senior Citizens Club, we offer a variety of activities and special events for our members. Our programs not only support a healthy lifestyle, but they also lead to the joy of living. Our programs for seniors are designed to focus on health in body, mind and spirit.

Membership is $30.00 per year.  In addition to the scheduled programs, there are many special events such as seminars, workshops, trips and dinners.  There is a small activity fee for each time you participate.

The best way to keep up to date with all of our activities is to view our online event calendar or our printable weekly calendar (below) which can also be picked up at the Club.

Bell Band
Do you like music, would you like to learn this easy way of making music? Handbells are a unique instrument to play and can be played in choral groups, or even as a solo instrument. our group meets once a week to practice and will try to join the guitar lessons group for a few concerts during the year.
Choral Group

Under the direction of Steven Ellam, “Steve E and the Pacemakers” are striving to entertain and encourage our seniors through song and music! This group does many performances in our community – entertaining local retirement residences. They have also recently released a CD that is available for purchase!

Exercise Classes
Stay fit and healthy by participating in our exercise classes instructed by Cathy Bourgon. Cathy is a Professional Certified Exercise Instructor who has something for everybody. She has variations for all abilities, injuries, strengths and weaknesses. Cathy is very inviting and always has a smile! Join the class and the endless fun!
Guitar Lessons
Beginner’s Acoustic Guitar lessons offered once a week. Learn different notes, chords, strumming patterns and some theory.
Jamming Session

This group meets once a week for an informal session! Seniors bring their instruments and their voices to play & sing together for a few hours. Come as a musician or just to sing along to familiar songs and to enjoy each others music experiences.

Our Knitting Group shares ideas, patterns and experience by helping one-another. This group knits away weekly to donate all of the items back into the community to those who need them!
Line Dancing
Twice per week, the line dancers meet to dance with friends and great music! Under the enthusiastic direction of Danielle Lauzon, you will find yourself floating across the floor to the beat and having a ball!

Every Tuesday afternoon, this group meets and shares common bonds – the love of cloth, needle, thread and companionship. These ladies work hard to produce the quilt for our annual Quilt Raffle and the monthly wall hangings that can be found in the Lounge.

Easy Humorous, Holiday & Reminiscing Plays – Features approx. 20 short, witty plays especially written for older adults. One to four characters per skit in large print.
Swedish Weaving
Friday mornings, these ladies get together to share patterns, teach each other new techniques and share in their love of creating beautifully woven blankets, table runners, pillow cases and much more!
Tai Chi

Tai Chi is another great addition to any exercise or meditation routine! Tai Chi is an exercise system that uses slow, smooth body movements to achieve a state of relaxation of both body and mind.

It is the practice of postures and breathing exercises, which help bring peace to the mind and body, preparing the body for meditation. Join this group for a stress free hour!

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